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Suresh S.Bisht, Advocate, Delhi

These days financial conditions are very tight due to demonitization. Only necessary purchases are being made. Therefore, I am buying only those journals which is necessary and Civil Court Cases is one such good law journal. 


GOLDEN OFFER (List of members)

1. Sh.Ajay Rathi, Advocate, Gantok (Sikkim)
2. Sh.A.S.Bhatia, Advocate, Amritsar. (Pb.)
3. Sh.Virinder Kumar Gupta, Advocate, Chamba (H.P)
4. Sh.S.K.Batra, Advocate, Fatehabad (Hya.)
5. Sh.Sh.V.Vara Prasada Rao, Advocate, Guntur (A.P.) 
6. Sh.Parveen Mittal, Advocate, Hansi (Haryana)
7. Sh.Gulshan Babbar, Advocate, Hansi (Harayana)  
8. Sh.N.K.Chandak, Advocate, Jodhpur (Raj.)
9. Sh.Vishal Joshi, Advocate, Jaipur (Raj.)
10.Sh.Madhu Sudan Vyas, Advocate, Jalore (Raj.)
11.Sh.Sanjay Kumar Pandey, Advocate, Jamshedpur (Jharkhand)
12.Sh.M.P.Vasudeva, Advocate, Ludhiana (Pb.)
13.Sh.Pravin Shriniwasrao Bhole, Advocate, Malkapur (Mah.)
14.Sh.B.P.Joshi, Advocate, Mukherian (Pb.)
15.Sh.P.V.Prasad, Advocate, Madanapalle (A.P.)
16.Sh.B.Chandra Sekhar Rao, Advocate, Madanapalle (A.P.)
17.Sh.Kishore Jain, Advocate, Mumbai (M.S.)
18.Sh.Girish R.Agrawal, Advocate, Mumbai (M.S.) 
19.Sh.P.D.Dalvi, Advocate, Mumbai (M.S.)
20.Sh.Harish Kumar, Advocate, Ropar (Pb.)
21.Sh.Krishan Mohan Gupta, Advocate, Taran Taran (Pb.)
22.Sh.Sh.Anish JP, Advocate, Una (H.P.) 
23.Sh.Pankaj Khanduja, Advocate, Paonta Sahib (H.P.)
24.Sh.Nitin Sharma, Advocate, Paonta Sahib (H.P.)
25.Sh.Pinaz Contractor, Advocate, Mumbai (M.S.)
26. Sh.Rupesh Goyal,  Bhiwani (Haryana)
27. Sh.Vikas Alhawat, Advocate, Jhajjar (Haryana) 
28.Mohd.Zahid, Advocate, Delhi​  



Sami Uddin Khan, Pilibhit (U.P.) : I purchased two volumes of Civil Court Cases from an agent. It is fantastic.

A.Parameswaran, Chennai - 41 : Your messages are simple, crisp, informative, easy to understand and very useful. Sharing of knowledge is best Dharma in the world particularly in Legal World. Best wishes to admin.

Namita Dandona, Delhi : You are doing a great job in sending judgments in a very apt manner and it is way better than others. I really like your way of presentation. Keep it up

.Anil Rungta, New Delhi : It is a very good effort. Can you provide important decisions of previous years or provide some link where we can find previous judgments.

R.S.Ramarao,  Saroornagar, Telangana, Hyderabad : The legal services you are offering through your website 'LAWMIRROR.COM' are of immense use, with specific to providing the JUDGMENT COPIES of all major courts in India, are time saving  and money saving in several respects especially to clients like me who have multiple matters, which if attached to the Advocates alone would have been damn costly and not that useful. I dont have any doubt in rating your services as NO.1. especially to common public.

Sh.Dhananjoy Sarkar, Mumbai  :  Your every head note is much better than others. As a new Advocate I like and always follow your notes regularly and also wait everyday for new updates which you send regularly and which I follow and apply continuously.

Shalini Devi, Advocate, Mumbai : The updates are concise, precise , informative. Thanks.

Shweta Mehta, Dwarka, Delhi : The citations you are providing are very good, good content almost covering all. Just need little more elaboration.

Jerome Noronha, Mangaluru City : Daily legal updates from you are very informative & educative right in time. I hope to receive promptly Daily Legal updates in the days to come. I wish all the best to your splendid work.

Hardik C.Shah, Advocate, Navi-Mumbai : Thank you very much sir. Your messages are valuable for the learning and learned Advocates. As it's said no person can know every thing, but friend like you helps us in so many things.

Elmas Banu, Anantapur (A.P.) : Very useful information, in day to day work. Thanks.

A.Parameswaran, Chennai : Excellent post about important law points. Very useful to me. Hatsoff to you. Legal messages are short, crisp and informative. Thank you.

Siddharth Jain, Delhi : Your feeds are really helping and helping a lot of lawyers became better day by day. Kudos.

V.Ponmudi, Advocate, Salem : Very useful updates to regular practicing advocates.

Anil Gera, Delhi : Excellent service

Sanchit Agarwal, Bareilly : It is a great effort by you. We are able to receive latest citations of the latest rulings.

Manjunath, Holalkere : I am always referring your daily updates.

K.A.Suthar, Gujarat : Excellent job.

Rayala Ravikumar, Advocate, Khammam (Telangana)  : Good. Very good. `DAILY LEGAL UPDATES' Whatsapp messages everyday. Waiting daily for this message. Thank you sir, for sending and joining me in this group.

Maneesh Sharma, Solan (H.P.) : Thank you very much sir these judgments are very useful for me in my daily cases.

Vijaykumar Kashinath Jadhav, Pandharpur : Sir, updates are very useful for myself. This views are very recent. It increases my recent knowledge. This information helps me in my day to day work.

Sikander, Panipat : I like. Thank you so much.

Javed Shaikh, Advocate, Solapur : Very good update. So we can keep track of latest legal knowledge with your daily update. Thanks for such a great help and that too free.

G.Sakthivel, Chennai : Daily Legal update is very useful for every practising advocate.

Rajesh Gupta, Advocate, Chandigarh : Great job by CCC Team.

Rakesh Sontakke, Advocate, Wardha : Daily Legal Updates is the most important whatsapp tools to know important judgments.

Jayaprasad, Advocate, Shimoga (Kant.) : Dear service provider/Admin - Very informative, every practicing advocate anticipated this types information, once again thank you all for ur updating current position of law.