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Unique Features:
  • REPLICA prints of judgments published in Civil Court Cases, Criminal Court Cases & Apex Court Judgments
  • Highlight any portion of the judgment by making it Bold, Italic or Underline and save it permanently. It will be convenient for the Presiding Officer to read the highlighted portion of the Judgment.
  • Display latest decision first or display of search results alphabetically.
  • Display of full headnotes (not few lines) after search
  • Book mark a judgkment. Search in book marked judgments.
  • History - See what you searched yesterday, a month earlier or a year earlier.
  • Provision to take backup of book marked judgments, highlighted judgments and history. Provision to restore makred judgments, highlighted judgments and history, as and when required.
  • Choice of font, size etc.
  • Choice of colour and to take colour prints (if you are having a colour printer).

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